Public investment: Priority to the maturation of projects

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La deuxième session du Comité technique interministériel chargé de l’examen des dossiers de maturité des projets d’investissement public soumis par les Maîtres d’Ouvrages s’est tenue ce 30 juillet 2021 à Yaoundé.

Assessing the project maturation process and the level of preparation of large-scale public investment projects, such was the objective of the second session of the interministerial technical committee responsible for examining the maturity files of projects of public investment submitted by the Project Owners. This session was an opportunity for the members of the Committee to take stock of the implementation of the new project maturation approach and to examine the public investment projects prepared by the contracting authorities, to ensure their proper maturation with a view to guaranteeing their proper execution.

Twelve (12) projects were submitted to the Committee for assessment. These included: the construction project of a new palm oil and rubber plant at CDC; the project to develop 15,280 hectares of fodder perimeters in Adamaoua; the valorisation of investment in the Valley of the Benue development project (Viva-Bénoué); the Sahel’s Women Empowerment and Dividend Project, Cameroon component (SWEED) and the project for the constitution of intercommunal parks of civil and hydraulic engineering machinery. Throughout the deliberations, participants endeavoured ensuring the quality and completeness of the maturity elements of each project; examining and issuing a technical opinion on the maturity elements of said projects; indicating the additional or specific elements necessary for the proper maturation of each project; and deciding on the issuance of the Maturity Visa to these projects.

When opening the proceedings on 30 July 2021, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy in charge of Planning, Mr Paul Tasong, recalled that the 2020-2030 National Development Strategy (SND30) aims to enhance the level of public investment by 2030, making it 40% of total government spending. In addition, the SND30 emphasizes the necessary quality enhancement of public investment projects and by extension quality enhancement of public expenditure. It is therefore to achieve this that “the Government has initiated a series of reforms aimed at ensuring the full maturity of projects before their inclusion in the State budget, to allow their proper execution for the benefit of our populations”, underlined Paul Tasong.

It should be noted that the meetings of the Interministerial Technical Committee of experts responsible for examining the maturity files of public investment projects submitted by the Project Owners are held within the framework of Decree No. 2018/4992 of 21 June 2018 to set the rules governing the maturation process and Order No. 00000030/MINEPAT of 29 October 2019 on the organisation and functioning of our Technical Committee.