The State of Israel wants to invest more in water management in Cameroon.

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Le sujet était au menu des échanges entre le MINEPAT, Alamine Ousmane Mey et le nouvel Ambassadeur d’Israël au Cameroun, Isi Yanouka, au cours d’une audience ce 18 mai 2020 à Yaoundé.

Discussions between the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development and his host focused on the state of cooperation between the two countries. A rich cooperation which dates from 1960 and which has materialized through the realization of several projects, the most important of which are in the fields of technological innovation and security.
Isi Yanouka expressed the hope that this cooperation will be intensified through projects in the field of water management. The Ambassador of Israel to Cameroon also recalled that his country is already investing in this area through the "Innovation Africa" program, which aims to carry out more than 37 drinking water supply projects in the Extreme North. The country therefore says it is ready to increase its expertise in this area in Cameroon.
The Minister of Economy, Alamine Ousmane Mey, for his part expressed the wish that the expertise of this friendly country in the field of water management could be beneficial to the development of intelligent agriculture with the involvement of other ministerial departments such as MINADER and MINRESI.
At the end of their meeting, the Ambassador and MINEPAT also made an appreciation on the technical assistance that Israel provides to Cameroon in the face of security challenges in the Northern, North-West and South-West regions and within the framework of the current health crisis which has induced changes in the behavior of States and their populations, like the need to prioritize the digitization of activities.