Private sector development: Three Cameroonian small and medium sized enterprises receive grants.

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Ces Petites et Moyennes Entreprises opérant dans trois secteurs stratégiques à savoir les énergies renouvelables, l’agriculture et la maîtrise de l’eau, ont bénéficié des ressources du Programme de Fonds de Contre-Valeurs suisses (FCV) mis en place en 2017 par les gouvernements camerounais et suisse dans le cadre de la reconversion de la dette du Cameroun vis-à-vis de ce pays ami.
The cooperative society Experience Incorporated Cameroon, the FOTESTA group and PROJECT SAHEL WATER, are the three enterprises that will be benefitting from a three billion grant as financial assistance provided by the Cameroon-Switzerland exchange value fund convention of 2017.These companies were selected through a rigorous process that started in July 2018 by the publication of a call for presentation of projects and these three Small and Medium Enterprises were selected out of nearly 143 projects.
The resources allocated, in the form of donations, will allow the Sahel Water Sanitation and Environment Company to build boreholes and solar pumping systems for the supply of drinking water, irrigation and watering of livestock as well as access to solar electricity in four municipalities in the Far North and North regions of Cameroon. For the cooperative company Experience Incorporated Cameroon, it will fulfill its objectives of promoting large-scale production of certified seeds in order to be able to develop, downstream, the production, packaging, storage and marketing of Irish potatoes in and around Santa. With regard to the company Solarhydrowatt, the grant will be used to facilitate the supply of electricity to around 1,500 people in the Fotetsa group, through the installation of a hybrid system including 120 kW in hydroelectricity and 15 kW in photovoltaic solar energy.

During the ceremony, the Switzerland  Ambassador Pietro LAZZERI, said that he was ready to put his country's expertise to work on the above-mentioned projects, so that these could genuinely contribute to the development of the targeted localities. On his part, Alamine OUSMANE MEY asked the promoters of the said Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to deserve the trust placed in them to be the “worthy” pioneers of this initiative which contributes to the socio-economic development of Cameroon and the strengthening of the Cameroon-Switzerland cooperation portfolio.