Electoral process in Cameroon: strategies to preserve peace

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Des réflexions ont été menées ce 29 novembre 2019 à Yaoundé, au cours de la première session du Comité de Pilotage du Projet de renforcement des capacités des acteurs institutionnels du processus électoral pour le maintien de la paix et la cohésion sociale au Cameroun (Peace Building Fund).

This session chaired by Charles Assamba Ongodo, on behalf of the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Planning, , Chair of the Steering Committee, enabled participants - project focal points and representatives of the United Nations system - to review activities already carried out within the framework of this project in order to propose strategies to improve its performance.

According to the Director General of Cooperation and Regional Integration at MINEPAT, this project should work in such a way that women, young people and vulnerable groups are sufficiently involved in the electoral process, particularly at the level of candidates, governance and management.

The Steering Committee recommended a plea to the structures which enact legislation for quotas.

As a reminder, the Peace Building Fund is a project jointly implemented in November 2018 by the Government of Cameroon and the United Nations System through three of its agencies: UNDP, UNESCO and UN Women. This project aims at supporting the Cameroon Government in the peaceful conduct of the electoral process (presidential, senatorial, legislative, municipal, etc.)