Budgeting: MINEPAT's priorities for 2020 unveiled

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La structure du projet de budget programme du Ministère de l’Economie, de la Planification et de l’Aménagement du Territoire au titre de l’exercice 2020, ainsi que les principaux emplois auxquels ce budget est destiné, ont été présentés ce lundi 02 décembre 2019 aux membres de la Commission des Finances et du Budget de l’Assemblée nationale, par le Ministre Alamine OUSMANE MEY.

CFAF 63.5 billion represents the budget request submitted to the members of the Committee on Finance and the Budget of the National Assembly by the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development for the 2020 financial year. Within this allotment, 16.6 billion should be destined for operations and 46.9 billion for investment, i.e. more than 73% of the requested budget to be allocated to capital expenditure. This certainly reflects MINEPAT's desire to make investment the real driving force behind Cameroon's economic and social development.

Thus resources requested are to be divided into 04 programmes in accordance with the philosophy of performance-based budgeting that governs public financial management in Cameroon. These are 03 operational programmes led by the 03 Directorates-General of MINEPAT and a support programme whose objective is to accompany the implementation of operational programmes.

However, programme 302, "Support to economic recovery for growth acceleration ", aims to increase the investment rate to at least 23.5% and the implementation rate of the Public Investment Budget to 95%.To achieve this, Alamine Ousmane Mey informed the national representation that priority in 2020 will be given to the specific monitoring of development activities in the economically affected regions (North-West and South-West) with a view to formulating specific programmes to support and assist businesses operating in these regions. This is the practical implementation of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue. Besides, emphasis shall be laid on promoting Public-Private Partnerships as a reference tool for project financing, supporting administrations and LRAs in the appropriation and implementation of budgetary reforms, follow-up of the structural reform programme measures undertaken with the support of technical and financial partners and strengthening the industrial fabric to promote "made in Cameroon", the use of local inputs by companies in the agri-food sector and the establishment of national champions.

Concerning Programme 303, "Strengthening development partnership and regional integration", the aim is to harmonise development interventions while improving the disbursement rate of planned investment resources from external financing. In this perspective, the flagship actions include the search for financing mechanisms oriented towards the private sector with priority given to concessional resources, the mobilisation of financing specific to the health, social housing and local development sectors, the operationalisation of the innovative financing instruments identified and their exploitation, the promotion of South-South cooperation and the rigorous follow-up of the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement concluded with the European Union.

As for the programme 304 “Strengthening development planning and intensification of regional development actions”, the 2020 target remains the provision of development strategies and schemes aligned with the guidelines of the national development strategy. Emphasis will therefore be placed on the continuation of the Three-Year Emergency Plan for economic growth acceleration, the construction of regional planning infrastructure and the development of border areas through the continuation of ongoing actions in certain localities in the country.

It should be noted that MINEPAT's budget request for the 2020 financial year has increased by CFAF 4.1 billion compared to 2019.This increase is reflected in the increase in the Public Investment Budget by about 2.8 billion and the operating budget by 1.3 billion CFA francs.