African Infrastructure Forum: Cameroon to host the 12th Edition

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Ce Forum de haut niveau s’est ouvert ce jeudi 14 novembre 2019 à Yaoundé par le Premier ministre, Chef du Gouvernement, Joseph DION NGUETE.

"Transport infrastructure as a stimulus for regional emergence". It is under this insightful theme that the capital of Cameroon hosted the twelfth edition of the African Infrastructure Forum, organised by I-Conference in collaboration with the Cameroon government, on 14 and 15 November 2019. This important economic promotion event, placed under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, Paul BIYA, is concerned with the emergence of a dynamic Africa capable of launching ambitious overarching projects in the field of transport infrastructure. Specifically, the purpose here is to discuss main issues related to development models, promotion of public-private partnerships, strengthening of regional integration and the development of modern transport infrastructure (ports, airports, roads, motorways, railways, etc.).

The 2019 edition of the AIF, the first in Central Africa, has met the challenge of bringing together quality speakers. The Executive Director of I-Conference, HindSidquies, estimated the number of participants to more than 400 public and private actors from about 40 African countries. According to her, this mobilisation reflects the great interests shown in the chosen theme. Thus, in addition to presentations and debates on this main theme, participants were entitled to a call for projects whereby the invited ministers in charge of infrastructure and transport presented their respective countries overarching projects, in progress and for the future, and awaiting funding. Morocco, guest of honour at these meetings, represented by its Minister in charge of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, Abdelkader Amara came to share his wonderful experience in the field of transport infrastructure development. This recognised experience has made Morocco a model for the development of transport infrastructure in Africa, thanks to the bold institutional and legislative reforms carried out under the leadership of King Mohamed VI.

Opening AIF 2019 on behalf of the President of the Republic, and in the presence of about ten members of the government, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Yaounde and technical and financial partners, Joseph DION NGUETE recalled the decisive contribution of transport infrastructure to the structural transformation process of African economies. For the Cameroonian Head of Government, the theme of the AIF 2019 edition is in line with the presidential vision set out in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP), the first ten-year version of Cameroon's march towards its emergence by 2035. This framework document identifies infrastructure development in general and transport infrastructure development in particular as a major axis of the growth strategy, as increasing the infrastructure supply improves the attractiveness, competitiveness of an economy and stimulates regional trade and the production of goods and services.