Development of social housing in Cameroon: Tunisia to share experience

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Au cours d’une audience avec le Ministre tunisien de l’Equipement, de l’Habitat et de l’Aménagement du Territoire, Nourredine Selmir, en visite de travail au Cameroun, le Ministre Délégué auprès du MINEPAT, Paul TASONG, a sollicité l’expérience tunisienne en matière de financement de l’habitat social.

The Minister Delegate in the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development of Cameroon (MINDEL/MINEPAT) and his guest focused their discussions on the prospects for economic cooperation between their respective countries, with an emphasis on the thorny issue of the social housing crisis in Cameroon. Nourredine Selmir who was accompanied by the Ambassador of Tunisia to Cameroon, said he had come to share with Paul TSONG, the Tunisian experience in financing social housing. His country has recognized expertise in this field, with more than 3,000 real estate developers operating in Tunisia and abroad. Unlike Cameroon, which is facing a glaring shortage of social housing, Tunisia has a supply (3.5 million) well above demand (2.5 million). For the MINDEL/MINEPAT, it is important for Cameroon to build on the Tunisian experience in the development of social housing, during the second phase of Vision 2035 (2020-2027), in order to fill the deficit estimated so far at 2.5 million social housing units.

To achieve this, a collaboration agreement was signed on 10 September between the Cameroon and Tunisia governments, aimed at putting in place an action plan on which both parties will act to quickly implement this promising initiative. "I will invite all Tunisian real estate developers to get involved in the strategy to promote social housing in Cameroon," Nourredine Selmir promised . Cameroon government's ambition through this approach, is both social and economic. "It entails ensuring decent housing for each citizen and boosting economic activity," Paul TASONG stresses .

During this audience held on 10 September 2019 in Yaounde, the Cameroonian and Tunisian ministers also reviewed the status of economic cooperation between Yaounde and Tunis. They particularly praised the richness of this cooperation, which was marked by the presence of many Tunisian companies in our country. This is the case namely, for the consulting firms Study and Sep Tunisie, which are currently carrying out major works to provide Cameroon with the main territorial planning tools, such as the National Scheme of Territorial Planning and Sustainable Development, Regional Schemes of Territorial Planning and Sustainable Development, and a zoning Plan.