Promotion of infrastructure in French-speaking Africa: Cameroon to host a High Level Forum

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The 12th edition of the African Infrastructure Forum will be held on 14 and 15 November 2019 in Yaounde, under the theme : "Transport infrastructure, a catalyst for regional emergence". Placed under...

The 2019 edition will focus on the emergence of a dynamic Africa capable of launching ambitious and efficient structuring projects in the field of transport infrastructure. For the participants, this entails discussing on the main issues related to development models, the promotion of Public-Private Partnerships, the strengthening of regional integration and the establishment of modern transport infrastructure, aimed at accelerating the economic growth of the continent's States.

Created in 2008 by the subsidiary of the French Development Agency specialized in supporting the private sector called Proparco, the African Infrastructure Forum is an annual platform for exposure and exchange on the challenges related to infrastructure development in French-speaking Africa.